SI Values from SI Leaders in Their Own Words

These GIFs highlight some of the values that make up SI, which include the following: teamwork, leadership, communication, positivity, and responsibility. Another key value statement is, “give students what they need, not what they want.” SI Leaders receive digital Certificates of Completion for their participation in the SI program with opportunities to earn further professional recognition by participating in SI orientation and SI-related professional development workshops to help build their resumes. 

Take a journey with a couple of SI Leaders from different walks of life that give a glimpse into life as a SI Leader, from their commute to campus, to their work with students in and out of the classroom, to a punk-rock gig and family game time. At BMCC, SI Leaders come from a range of backgrounds and experiences, which make up an invaluable pool of talent for their peers to draw from to better enable them to have successful outcomes in the classroom. Click here for playlist. 

For One Stop Shopping, Check Out Our SI YouTube Channel and Playlist

The SI YouTube channel provides current and prospective SI Leaders with one-stop-shopping, offering tips, day in the life videos of SI leaders in their own words, and an overview of what being a SI Leader is really like. Click here for the Supplemental Instruction Youtube channel and playlist.

Instagram Offers Students Quick and Easy Information About SI

Social media for BMCC’s Supplemental Instruction program is developed and maintained by BMCC students, from SI Leaders to interns and Learning Resource Center employees. This is one of the many work opportunities that can serve a larger purpose and create community within BMCC. Check us out on Instagram.

See What Makes A Great Partnership

Supplemental Instruction Leaders and their Supplemental Instruction Faculty tell us what makes a great partnership and how to work together harmoniously to cultivate a learning environment for student success. It will also trigger your brain to think of other successful pairings in pop culture, sports and food, like Batman and Robin and Mac ‘n’ Cheese. Click here to view videos.

Learn About the SI Leader Experience

Life at BMCC is not just about learning new subjects. Hear SI Leaders and students talk about what they learn from each other. The peer-to-peer relationship is a two-way street where each party can respectfully exchange ideas, question each other, and gain new knowledge; not only about the course work, but about each other. Click here to view videos.

Find Out What Makes A SI Leader

First time Supplemental Instruction Leaders from across the college define what it means to them to be a SI Leader. Click here to view video.

Find Out What It Takes To Work With A SI Faculty

SI Leaders talk about their experiences in and out of the classroom with their SI Faculty. Click here to view video.

Supplemental Instruction Leaders Must Fill Out Forms Before They Begin Work

Before they begin work, Supplemental Instruction Leaders must first meet with Supplemental Instruction Coordinators in their departments and then fill out employment forms from BMCC's Human Resources Department in order to receive their salary. SI Leaders are CUNY employees and are paid weekly. Click here for New Hire Packets. For more information, click on College Assistants and Tutors (pdf).

Working Supplemental Instruction Leaders Must Complete Weekly Forms

Once employed, SI Leaders must submit weekly timesheets of hours they work in and out of the classroom to the LRC, the Learning Resource Center. SILs are also asked to keep records of meetings they hold with students individually and in groups, in person and on social media. Data helps BMCC chart the growth of the SI program as an Equal Opportunity Institution. Click here for timesheets and for SI meeting forms.

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What Motivates BMCC Students to Become Supplemental Instruction Leaders?

Inspiring off the cuff remarks are provided by BMCC students, incoming SI leaders from a variety of departments across the college, who pass on what motivated them to become part of BMCC’s progressive Supplemental Instruction program. Click here to view video.

SI Leaders Must Fill Out Paperwork Before They Begin Work

Before they begin work, SI Leaders must first meet with SI Coordinators in their departments and then fill out employment paperwork from BMCC's HR Department in order to get paid. The LRC then provides SI Leaders with an official Welcome Packet. Click here to view sample paperwork.

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Tips for SI Leaders By An SI Leader

Andriy Maschenko served as a SI after graduating from BMCC while a student in BioTech at CUNY. Andriy relates what it was like to have a SI in his own ZOOM class, and how that experience helped him decide to help his fellow students in and out of the classroom and on social media. Click here to view video.

Tell Us About Your SI Leader

An informal class video showcases end of the semester interviews with studnets as they pass on their experiences and opinions of working with a Supplemental Instruction Leader and and out of the classroom, showing how one SI leader can make a difference. Click here to view video.

Frequently Asked Questions for SI Leaders

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for SI Leaders is a comprehensive list of questions and answers with a goal to inform interested parties and SI participants about the SI program, from initial sign-up to getting paid, to finding SI Faculty. The FAQs also outline some processes and procedures to ensure a seamless SI experience. Click here for FAQs.

Meet with Nandrani Algu at the LRC

Meet with Nandrani Algu at the (LRC) to sign up to be a SI Leader or SI Faculty. Nandrani and her associates Ruby Chopra and Denae Sanchez ensure SI Leaders are properly trained to conduct effective SI sessions and be the ideal support that students and SI Faculty need. The trio also help interested Faculty by orienting them to the SI Program and provide supervision for SI Leaders. Click here to sign up.

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