Learn about the Positive Impact of Supplemental Instruction on Student Success

Learn about BMCC’s mission to prepare a rewarding path for students, to not only succeed in academics, but to progress in continuing their education and enter the workforce with confidence and preparedness for fruitful careers. Our growing body of evidence underscores the positive impact that the Supplemental Instruction program has on student success To view video, click here.

SI Leaders and SI Faculty Share Their Stories of Academic Success

SI is a free academic assistance program at BMCC that is available to students taking SI-designated courses. The peer-to-peer model is beneficial, as students have a non-authoritative means to, not only get extra support with course work, but to also have an advocate for them in the classroom to help bridge any gaps in learning and voice their concerns to the Professor. To view video, click here.


Meet the SI Advisory Board Comprised of Administrators, Faculty and Students

The 20 member SI Advisory Board is made up of representatives from across the college under the auspices of Janice Zummo, Associate Dean of Academic Affairs and Gregory Farrell, Director of the Learning Resource Center. The board meets quarterly and hosts innovative professional development events and holds orientation sessions twice a year for prospective SI Faculty and their SI Leaders. Click here to see board members.

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Watch Anthony E. Munroe, President, Address the Impact Supplemental Instruction has at BMCC

President Munroe addresses BMCC administrators, SI Faculty and SI Leaders from across the college for a SI Professional Development Day on Innovative Peer-to-Peer Assisted Learning to discuss leveraging supplemental learning to improve pass rates and retention for historically challenging courses, and for vulnerable populations. To view video, click here.


Exploring the Merits of Collaboration with SI

Erwin J. Wong, Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs, discusses what makes BMCC special—especially during the dark days of the pandemic—when the community exhibited its strength and resilience. He notes that the BMCC community is at its most successful when it works together to help others, highlighting the college's peer-to-peer advisement and SI programs. Click here to view the video.


IEA Research Shows that SI is Working at BMCC

At the June 8, 2021 cross college Professional Development Day, Dean Christopher Shults reminds faculty and students that the success of Supplemental Instruction depends on strong, collaborative relationships between SI Faculty and SI Leaders. Dean Shults also shares the outcomes across the college in other peer-assisted learning programs. Click here to view video and here for BMCC’s Office of IEA.

Read a Letter of Support from the International Center for Supplemental Instruction

Read a letter of support to the BMCC Supplemental Instruction community from Julie Collins, the former Executive Director of the International Center for SI (2011-2021) at the University of Missouri at Kansas City, where Julie was also the Director of Academic Support and Mentoring, and is herself a SI Certified Trainer. "Comprised of international faculty with students from 155 countries... the BMCC culture, in many ways, represents the culture of Supplemental Instruction around the world," she says. To read her letter, click here.


The International Center for SI is a Global Resource for Peer-to-Peer Learning

Located at the University of Missouri at Kansas City, the birthplace of SI, the International Center for Supplemental Instruction provides tools for SI online as well as information about regional SI collaborations, SI around the U.S., and around the world. FAQs and data collection templates are also offered. Details about the biennial global SI conferences are also provided. The International Center has trained more than 1,500 representatives from 30 countries, including Australia, the U.K., South Africa, and Sweden. To learn more visit: Click Here to Visit the SI International Site.

Access SupplementaI Instruction Content In Your Own Way On Our SI YouTube Channel

Embedded features on the SI YouTube channel allow everyone to access material using video, print transcripts, and or with subtitles in one of the over 100 languages YouTube offers. To access the transcript option click here; for the translation option click here.

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SI Plays A Role In Two and Four Year Institutions Both Nationally and Internationally

Julie Collins from SI International located at UMKC, the birthplace of SI, traces the origins of Supplemental Instruction from 1973 to its standing in the international educational community today as a student support service. Click here to view the video.

Visit The Learning Resource Center (LRC)

BMCC's Learning Resource Center (LRC) offers students a variety of academic services, including the following: in-person and online tutoring, academic coaching, and free use of the computer labs. The LRC is also home to SI (Supplemental Instruction). At the LRC Front Desk, students can officially sign up to be a SI Leader and prospective SI Faculty can also inquire about how to officially register to become part of the program. Click here for BMCC's LRC/SI office webpage.

Meet with Nandrani Algu at the LRC

Meet with Nandrani Algu at the Learning Resource Center (LRC) to sign up to be a SI Leader or SI Faculty. Nandrani and her associates Ruby Chopra and Denae Sanchez ensure SI Leaders are properly trained to conduct effective SI sessions and be the ideal support that students and SI Faculty need. The trio also help interested Faculty by orienting them to the SI Program and provide supervision for SI Leaders. Click here to sign up.

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