See What Makes A Great Partnership

Discover the benefits of a SI Faculty and SI Leader partnership. One of the great advantages of the partnership is employing each other’s knowledge and experience to drive student success. SI Faculty understand that SI Leaders champion their peers by providing ground-level support and feedback to help achieve learning outcomes. Mutual respect is also key. Click here to view videos.

Learn About The SI Faculty Experience

SI Faculty talk about their experiences working with SI Leaders. Hear from first-time participants to those more seasoned in the SI program. Get practical tips and working knowledge of how successful relationships between SI Faculty and SI Leaders are born and maintained. SI Faculty also share what teaching was like before and after partnering with a SI Leader. Click here to view videos.

Supplemental Instruction Outcomes from the IEA

At BMCC, the SI program was adopted in sections within select courses. The use of the program was monitored in these sections through observation and data gathering for a set time. The Office of Institutional Effectiveness & Analytics then published the outcomes of the trial in its report, Supplemental Instruction Outcomes, which shows the effectiveness of the SI program in these groups compared to groups without SI. Click here to read the IEA Report.

Enrollment, Retention, and Completion Data Book

The Enrollment, Retention, and Completion Report is an annual report that tracks the progress of new and continuing students. The Office of Institutional Effectiveness and Analytics (IEA) is responsible for and provides support in ensuring the implementation of the College’s Institutional Effectiveness Plan, which provides BMCC with evidence of progress towards achievement of its mission and institutional goals. Click Here to read the IEA Report.

Working with SI Leaders: Creating a Community of Learning

This interactive, participatory workshop’s focus is on learning in classrooms, starting by reflecting on faculty as learners, then as students as learners. We identify strategies to support learning for all members of the learning community, and experiment with different pedagogical approaches and reflect on our experience. Click for video.

Supplemental Instruction: A Powerful Tool for Student Advocacy

This workshop examines the role of Supplemental Instruction in fostering the college mission to provide a community where everyone can thrive. Participants examine their syllabi, course materials, course assignments, and Supplemental Instruction sessions in and out of the classroom through the lens of advocacy and equity. Click for video.

SI: A Tool for Collaborative Creativity

This workshop examines how SI can be used in a course where the work ( in and out of class ) often focuses on collaborative creation and exploration. Participants learn techniques and strategies for engaging SI to enhance and support student collaboration, communication and group work in creative projects. Click here to view video.

Which Model is Best for You: SI, PAL or Tutoring?

Professor Johannes Familton from BMCC’s Math department, has been using Supplemental Instruction longer than any other professor at BMCC. He discusses which peer to peer learning model may be best for individual faculty depending on their particular class, and both what and how they are teaching. Click here to view video.


Innovative Techniques for Peer Assisted Learning in Mathematics

In a cross college SI Professional Development Day, Professor Ke demonstrates how he uses a series of online videos to help students in the Math Department learn from each other across a series of related courses. Click here to view video.

Customizing the SI Model for BMCC Faculty and Students

From the beginning, BMCC has called their approach to Supplemental, Instruction, 'SI-Influenced'. The home of SI, UMKC, is promoting the 'SI-Influenced' model and have complimented colleges who have made SI their own. Click here to view video.

Read a Letter of Support from the International Center for Supplemental Instruction

Read a letter of support to the BMCC Supplemental Instruction community from Julie Collins, the former Executive Director of the International Center for SI (2011-2021) at the University of Missouri at Kansas City, where Julie was also the Director of Academic Support and Mentoring, and is herself a SI Certified Trainer. "Comprised of international faculty with students from 155 countries... the BMCC culture, in many ways, represents the culture of Supplemental Instruction around the world," she says. To read her letter, click here, and click here for her presentation to the SI Advisory Board.

The International Center for SI is a Global Resource for Peer-to-Peer Learning

Located at the University of Missouri at Kansas City, the birthplace of SI, the International Center for Supplemental Instruction provides tools for SI online as well as information about regional SI collaborations, SI around the U.S., and around the world. FAQs and data collection templates are also offered. Details about the biennial global SI conferences are also provided. The International Center has trained more than 1,500 representatives from 30 countries. To learn more, Click Here to Visit the International Center for Supplemental Instruction.

Find Out What it Takes to Work with a Supplemental Instruction Leader

SI Leaders talk about their experiences in and out of the classroom with their SI Faculty. Click here to view video.

Find Out What Makes a Successful Supplemental Instruction Leader

First time SI Leaders from across the college define what it means to them to be a strong SI leader. Click here to view video.

Frequently Asked Questions for Faculty

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for SI Faculty is a comprehensive list of questions and answers with a goal to inform interested parties and SI participants about the SI program, from initial registration to finding a SI Leader, to rehiring a SI Leader. The FAQs also outline some processes and procedures for SI Faculty to follow to ensure a seamless SI experience. Click here for FAQs.

Meet with Nandrani Algu at the LRC

Meet with Nandrani Algu at the (LRC) to sign up to be a SI Leader or SI Faculty. Nandrani and her associates Ruby Chopra and Denae Sanchez ensure SI Leaders are properly trained to conduct effective SI sessions and be the ideal support that students and SI Faculty need. The trio also help interested Faculty by orienting them to the SI Program and provide supervision for SI Leaders. Click Here to Sign Up.

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